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Please contact us before shipping back an item for return. We will reply and inform you of the return method.

If you have received a defective item or an item that you did not order due to an error on our part,
please contact us within 7 days of receiving the items.
In such cases, our company will bear any costs related to returns and exchanges.

We regretfully must declare that any shipping costs (round trip) and refund deposit fees, etc.,
regarding returns or exchanges at the customer's convenience
(which include mistaken orders, items which turned out to be different than what was expected, or appear different)
must be borne by the customer.

If items shipped back to us were damaged en route, we will bill the customer for the actual costs.

* *The above conditions apply only to unused items, regardless of the reason for a return.
Furthermore, please be aware that if 8 days or more have elapsed since the items have arrived,
the items will no longer be eligible for return.