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Bolotie Silk Strap Musical Note Yellow Gold

Product code: pu-ru-96y

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It is a bolo tie combining silk braid and resin parts of "Musical Note Series (Yellow)". It is easy to coordinate with chic shades. Recommended for accent of casual attire. In order to prevent deterioration of the cord as much as possible, please move slowly one by one side. Because the metal part is nickel free, it is also recommended for those who are allergic to metal. * It is not recommended for those who react to besides nickel. ** This product is intentionally made so that the score can not be seen well by putting silver or golden powder inside the resin as a design. Because it cuts out a part of the score randomly, it becomes a different color one by one, so it may be slightly different from the picture. It is a design of the purport that it is my own enjoyment that it is actually a musical score as a motif though its color and patterns are not visible well though it is not a score.
The main parts:epoxy resin
metal: 24k gold plating copper, tin and brass, silk
diameter 2.8cm(charm), length 107.5cm
Nickel free
Navy Blue

Musical Note Series (Yellow)

These are the printed musical notes on a transparent film which are colored and painted with metallic white, brown, and yellow, and floated gold powder. It has also a very chic and calm mood. The musical notes and color blend together while the surrounding shines quietly from the bottom. The musical score is also from Tchaikovsky's "Barcarolle." This type of series can also make you feel peaceful and calm.
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