Chain Belt Smoky Quartz Agate(dyed) Pink Natural Stone

It is a chain belt from the "Mizuhiki Series" made of resin. Smoky quartz, agate (dyed), lava, and pink natural stones are combined to match the color of the resin. We recommend it as a stylish accent with simple dresses and bottoms. It can also go well with casual style as well as party dresses.

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Slide the chain without pressing the round bracket on the back of the motif. If it comes off, put it again. Please move slowly one side at a time to prevent deterioration of chain as much as possible. If you have used it for a long time and already deteriorated, we can replace it for a fee. Because the metal part is nickel free, those who are allergic can use it. * However, it is not recommended for those who have an allergic reaction other than nickel.

More Information
  The main parts : Epoxy resin
   Metal: Plated copper and brass
  Lava, Smoky quartz, Agate
  Length 3cm width 2.8cm
  Total length 121cm
  With "Hanaguruma" box
  Mizuhiki Series: These are Mizuhiki series using the traditional Japanese craft "Mizuhiki." I gathered and put the colored ones together in a resin. Please enjoy the color scheme and controls.
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