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It is a long necklace using resin parts of "Water Surface Series" (Pink). We combined Prehnite, amethyst and rose quartz to match the color of the resin. Peridot is on the side of the resin. Unique shades draw attention. Recommended for everyday use and party scenes.

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Because the metal part is nickel free, those who are allergic can use it. * However, it is not recommended for those who have an allergic reaction other than nickel.

More Information
I Japan
I The main parts : Epoxy resin
I Metal: Plated copper and brass
I Amethyst, Prehnite, Rose quartz, Peridot
I Length 5.7cm and width 2.2cm(charm)
I Length 60.0cm
I 52.50g
I With "Hanaguruma" box
I Nickel free
I Water Surface (Pink): These are the water surface pink series where the light reflecting on the surface of the water and a pattern emerging from the bottom. It seems that the large and small round rings are moving.
I Plum Cake Series (Green Tea): These are the plum cake series attached to Kaga City's traditional Japanese sweet, "Fukuume." Pretty hand-drawn plum blossoms bloom in the resin. The contrast between the green and the white in green tea is refreshing.
I Lily Series (Purple): These are the lily series of purple and white shades with a lily drawing. The abstract flowers stretch to a seeming fantasy world. I cut the picture one by one and put each in the resin. It goes well with amethyst.
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