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  • 鹿の子柄樹脂ヘアゴム
  • 鹿の子柄樹脂パーツ
  • 花車ラッピング箱
  • 樹脂ヘアゴムを着けたところ
  • ヘアゴム裏面
  • 樹脂ヘアゴム横面
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Simple Hair Elastic Fawn Light Blue Square

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It is a simple hair elastic using resin parts of "Fawn Series" (Blue). It shines on hair with Japanese style shades and patterns. Recommended for casual accent of hairstyle. It goes well with the kimono's hair style and clothes.

Fawn Series (Blue): These are series designed with Kanoko pattern- a traditional Japanese pattern. The shade of blue is delicate. Because the atmosphere of Japanese and Western is exquisite, you can enjoy a different kimono style. 

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If the rubber is deteriorated and cannot be used, it can be replaced. Please refrain from getting it wet so that you can use it for a long time. Because the metal part is nickel free, those who are allergic can use it. * However, it is not recommended for those who have an allergic reaction other than nickel.

  • The main parts : Epoxy resin
  • Metal: Plated copper, tin and brass, rubber
  • Length and width 2.1cm
  • 10.0g
  • With "Hanaguruma" box
  • Nickel free

Tweeting The Production Process

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