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Double Prong Hair Stick Square Red

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It is a stylish double prong hair stick using the resin parts from the "Pansy Series" (Bordeaux). The surface cut and transparency are attractive. Each pansy has a different pattern, giving the overall color depth. The design has a chic and antique atmosphere. It goes well with daily use and formal or special occasions, for example, wearing a kimono. You can hold your hair in place with this one. It is a classy hair accessory best for adults. It comes with a paulownia box for storage.

Pansy Series (Bordeaux): These are the pansy series designs based by pressing the blooming pansies in the garden. It is a series that creates a nostalgic feeling somewhere. An anime-like atmosphere is elegant. Each cutout varies quite an impression.

"Pansy Series" (Bordeaux) View All

Because the metal part is nickel free, those who are allergic can use it. * However, it is not recommended for those who have an allergic reaction other than nickel.

  • The main parts : Epoxy resin
  • Metal: Plated copper and brass
  • Length 1.7cm and width 5.8cm(charm), length 13cm
  • 21.4g
  • With Hair pin box 
  • Nickel free

Tweeting The Production Process

Tamaru1go and Tamaru2go will show you the production process as they make each of them.