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Hair Comb Dinosaur Dragonfly Purple

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It is a hair comb using the resin parts of the "Dinosaur Series" (Purple). Pull the eye in the form of a dragonfly. To the individual accent of the hairstyle please. It also fits kimono's hair style. Resin parts and metal parts are handmade.

Dinosaur Series (Purple): These are the purple dinosaur series drawn like a continent, accented with black horizontal letters. A small black dinosaur walk on the continent that looks like silver-lit metallic. If you look closely, gold powders are also floating- an Ice Age period. Both men and women can use this. It is compatible with a black onyx.

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Because the metal part is nickel free, those who are allergic can use it. * However, it is not recommended for those who have an allergic reaction other than nickel.

  • The main parts : Epoxy resin
  • Metal: Plated copper and brass
  • Length 9.5cm and width 4.7cm
  • 17.0g
  • With "Hanaguruma" box
  • Nickel free

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