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Our original accessories are made primarily using transparent resin parts that we have designed, combining these with other materials such as natural stones, glass beads, felt, and ribbon. Our concept is to design pieces with such a presence that we would want to wear them ourselves and pieces where people of all ages and genders who view our work perceive a beauty that lies beyond the accessory itself.
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    Welcome to TAMARUSAN. I am Yukiko Tamaru. Coupon JEJH749ZD1DC has been issued again this month. Please take advantage of it. ・5% off all products ・Minimum purchase of ¥5,000 ・For everyone ・One use per customer ・Active from today until May 31
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    Welcome to TAMARUSAN. My name is Mikako Tamaru. We have recently set up a review section. We will send out a request email to those who have purchased our products at a later date. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.
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